About Idencia

Idencia is developed by International Coding Technologies, Inc (ICT). The company's founder, Tom Tilson, started the company in 2007, recognizing the need for rugged product identification technology to facilitate tracking of precast products throughout production and storage.

Since its beginning, ICT has expanded its product suite to provide technology that enables the collection and management of data not only during production, but throughout the complete life cycle of an infrastructure asset, from production through the build and operating phases. The company has also expanded its market to serve infrastructure enterprises, like railroad companies, Departments of Transportation, tunnel and bridge operators in addition to manufacturers of infrastructure components such as precast concrete, pre-stressed concrete, concrete pipe and steel products.

Driven by the growing demand for access to relevant data throughout the whole life cycle of an infrastructure asset, today the Idencia team focuses on providing a complete system solution for infrastructure enterprises and infrastructure component manufacturers by developing new tags for evolving applications as well as the corresponding software functionality.

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